Moved to Kyoto

More musical updates and happenings from 2015 on it’s way.  As for now, we’re in the middle of 2016, and I just moved to Kyoto in December, 2015.  What a great change! Two days ago on August 13th, 2016, I played a duo improvisation show at the anarchist space: Bar Kitty in Osaka, with alto saxophone player Jonas Labhart, who hails from Switzerland.  What a great night!

PLATYPUS REVENGE on a WKCR ‘New Music’ radio show, July 20, 2014, full show and unedited

You can listen by clicking one of the 2 links below!

wkcr                                                 radio tower

Note:  Although the program faced some technical problems, the WKCR staff handled it like champs and recovered it nicely, as they successfully kept the show going despite some of the glitches.


Demian: trumpet; electronics

Rev. John Henry Maiorino: electric and double bass; analog synths; theramin; drum machines

Moss: electric and double bass; electronics; drum machines